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Orthotic Solutions

Knee Braces

The knee is the largest joint in the human body, and it bears the greatest forces when our body is in motion. The knee works as it does thanks to a number of ligaments, and these all do different jobs in keeping our knees working as we expect them to. In the same way, there are many different knee braces that are all designed to perform different jobs – some to assist the knee in doing its job, others to prevent the knee from performing certain functions, and others to off-load some of the forces to different parts of the knee.

Knee braces can be prescribed pre or post-surgery, but can also be prescribed to prevent the need for surgical intervention. Sometimes knee braces are worn during high impact sports such as skiing, snowboarding or motorcycle motor-cross to prevent injury, as well as being worn after picking up a sports injury. Knee braces are also popular amongst walkers and climbers, who all put a tremendous strain upon the knee.

Your qualified and experienced orthotist can assess you whatever the issue, and can help you through the minefield of choosing the correct brace.

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