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Orthotic Solutions

Silicon Ankle Foot Orthosis (SAFO)

Foot drop is a condition caused by weakness or paralysis of the muscles involved in the operation of lifting the front part of the foot. This is particularly an issue when we walk, as this can lead to excessive tripping or falling, or pain caused as a result of the sufferer deliberately altering their gait pattern to avoid this – known commonly as high-stepping. Foot drop itself is not a disease, but more of a manifestation of an underlying problem. One common cause of foot drop, is an interruption of the signals from the brain to the peroneal nerve, and this is not unusual in people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), spinal injuries or those who have suffered a stroke.

The SAFO was designed to alleviate the symptoms of foot drop, using a comfortable alternative to rigid ankle foot orthoses, whilst improving balance, correcting walking, preventing trips and falls, and at the same time increasing confidence.

The SAFO can be worn discreetly beneath most clothing, and requires no special footwear. The SAFO can even be worn in the shower or whilst swimming.

A qualified and experienced orthotist will assess your need and suitability for a SAFO, and this will be prescribed, fit and reviewed by the same clinician.

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