Back pain

Your back supports your torso and head, and consists of 26 bones all with their own muscles and ligaments which allow you to bend forwards, backwards, side to side and also rotate round. Poor back health is a major issue with some staggering statistics. For example:

  1. Back pain will affect 80% of us at some point in our lives.
  2. One in six working days lost in the UK is due to back pain.
  3. It is estimated that back pain costs the NHS, business and the economy over £5 billion a year.

Back pain can occur due to damage to the bones, ligaments or muscles of the spine and can occur suddenly due to a trauma such as a whiplash injury or can be a chronic and degenerative condition such as arthritis. In any case the results are devastating to the sufferer.

At Quays Orthotic Practice we understand back pain and how it can affect your life. We make a full and thorough biomechanical assessment to find the appropriate orthosis that will bring the most relief to you.

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