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Venous disease of the lower leg is a very common condition. It has been estimated that half the adult population will consult their doctors about problems with their leg veins at some stage during their lives. Varicose veins affect between 10% and 20% of the population and are about twice as common in women as in men.

The symptoms caused by incompetent veins are very variable. Small varicosities and dermal flares may cause only cosmetic complaints. However, larger varicosities may cause pain in the legs. Patients who suffer deep vein thrombosis may experience swelling of the limb. Patients with severe venous valvular incompetence my suffer ulceration of the leg.

Treatment of Venous disease depends upon which veins are affected. Mild symptoms of aching may be treated by compression hosiery alone, and following an assessment by a qualified and experienced clinician, an appropriate solution can be employed.

You might not be aware, but problems of varicose veins are particularly pronounced in women who’ve had a number of children, and venous problems can begin or become more prominent during pregnancy.

Whether you have several of the risk factors for the development of venous disorders, already a diagnosed sufferer, or simply want to prevent venous problems, compression stockings/socks give counter-pressure from outside to the excess pressure inside the leg.

Compression hosiery is provided by the National Health Service for those who require it medically, although for those who wish to purchase specialist compression support socks for running or other sport for example, this is available from a trained and experienced clinician from the Quays Orthotic Practice at the Burton Waters Clinic in Lincoln. It is also possible to purchase a much wider range of stylish and cosmetic socks and stockings privately, than are made available through the NHS. If you’ve only been provided with a couple of pairs, and you wish to purchase more, then visit the Burton Waters Clinic to see more samples and to discuss your requirements with a trained clinician.

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