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Orthotic Solutions

Custom Footwear and Sandals

As we approach the summer months, we all want to spend more time out and about, working in the garden, taking to the streets for health and fitness, going away on holiday, or simply enjoying the long hours of daylight and the warmth of the sun. The problem for far too many people, is that all or some of these activities are either prohibited, or simply not enjoyed to the full because of back pain, knee pain, foot pain or ankle pain. Many of these problems can be managed by wearing a bespoke insole, but of course, insoles can’t be worn in sandals or other open shoes. Acquiring sandals made just for you begins with a qualified and experienced orthotist assessing you, in order to produce a bespoke insole that is then utilised to create a unique footbed that then forms the basis for your sandals or open toe footwear. If you already have a prescription for bespoke insoles, then this can sometimes be used as the foundation for your new footwear.

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