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Orthotic Solutions


An insole, or to be more technical, a ‘functional foot orthosis’, is an in-shoe medical device, that is designed to work with your foot to manage the forces placed upon it during weightbearing activity, in order to promote ‘normal’ foot function. Put more simply, they work to correct discrepancies in the foot and the way it works to keep you upright, and generally moving forward. The skeleton is effectively a scaffold that supports the body, and like any scaffold, if it is not grounded correctly, then stability is compromised further up, and in the body, this can lead to serious ankle, knee, back or neck pain.

Insoles can be purchased off the shelf from a variety of sources, including high street retailers and sports shops. These can of course, provide a limited amount of support or comfort; however, if you have any kind of issue with the way your feet support you, then it is far more advisable from a clinical perspective to have insoles made specifically to meet your unique requirements. In order to ascertain your needs and to get to the root of your problem, you will require a full clinical assessment, carried out by a qualified and experienced clinician, who will be able to prescribe the correct orthoic device – hence an ‘orthotist’. A bespoke insole will work to realign the joints and bones in YOUR foot, and this will subsequently reduce stress on any number of areas of your body. An insole will take a little time to relieve pain, but continuous wear will prevent reoccurrence of the problem – Insoles are like spectacles, in that they only work if you are wearing them, and therefore should not be ignored once the initial pain has been managed.

Bespoke insoles can be placed in and out of shoes with ease, and can therefore be used in sports, leisure, business or dress shoes. They can be cleaned easily with soap and water, or with any anti-bacterial solution or wipe.

Being measured for a bespoke insole requires a brief and painless assessment with a qualified orthotist, who will explain throughout what they are doing, and more importantly, why they are doing it. Your finished insoles will be ready for fitting, again by a qualified and experienced orthotist, in a short time, and instructions on how to start using them will be provided at this point. It is good practice to then have your use of the insole reviewed after a period of time by the fitting orthotist.

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